Written on March 20, 2023
NICO supports Cyclone Freddy response with MK200m

NICO Group has committed K200 million to assist victims of Cyclone Freddy, which has had devastating effects in the Southern Region of the country.

As of 15th March 2023, over 200 deaths had been reported with over 4,000 households being displaced.

The NICO Group of companies, which includes NBS Bank and Eris Properties, believes the donation is within its values of being a responsible and responsive corporate citizen.

The funds will be channeled primarily through World Vision to provide relief to 3,000 households. Additional support will go towards efforts being championed by the Rotary Club of Blantyre and the Malawi Land Rover Defenders Club which is using personal Landrover vehicles to reach those in affected areas.

NICO Group Managing Director, Vizenge Kumwenda, said the Group has come forward with the donation to help mitigate the impact of the cyclone, which has wreaked havoc across various districts in Malawi.

“Fellow Malawians have been greatly affected by the cyclone. The devastation and loss of life is unimaginable. NICO Group has a strong history of providing relief and support to communities when there are national disasters or states of emergency in the country, and we felt duty bound to step in and assist through this contribution,” Kumwenda said.

Kumwenda further commended the Government for efforts made to lead and consolidate relief efforts:

“On behalf of the NICO Group, I would like to take this opportunity to commend Government for the actions being taken to help the thousands who have been affected. The challenges are enormous, but we believe that together, we can surmount them,” Kumwenda said.

He also applauded the Private Sector and all Malawians who have shown their support during this time, stating that an effective response requires all stakeholders to play a part in any way they can. Kumwenda noted that the affected areas will continue to experience the effects of the cyclone for some time and stated that NICO Group will continue to monitor the situation and assist where possible.

As a leading financial services group in Malawi, NICO has continuously supported initiatives that uplift Malawians in the areas of Education, Health and Environmental Conservation.

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