Written on July 25, 2022
NICO launches new communication campaign – It’s Clear

NICO Group has launched its 2022/23 thematic campaign with the aim to further communicate to its customers and the market its unapparelled expertise and diversity of product offering in Malawi. NICO takes prides in being the leading and largest financial services Group through its wide product offering in the country.

The new campaign, dubbed It’s clear (Zili Kiliye in Chichewa), builds on the just ended drive, The ONE. The ONE suitably positioned NICO as The ONE tried and tested (for 50 years) financial services Group, providing solutions that guarantee achievement of one’s goals. Through this drive, NICO learnt that there is more that the market is looking for in financial services. Everyone wants a trusted financial provider; a provider that will help one see the future; a provider that will change ones’ life.

It’s clear campaign leverages on the insight that It’s clear that everyone wants a trusted financial provider. It’s clear that everyone wants the best for their loved ones and a bright future for their children. It’s clear that everyone wants their dreams to become reality. It’s clear that NICO is that trusted partner that will help you see your future and help you achieve your goals. NICO has a wide range of solutions that not only steer you towards the best financial decisions but will also improve your life and that of your loved ones. These solutions are also tailored to steer personal businesses and institutions success stories.

The It’s clear campaign is centered around a mirror. Everybody looks at themselves in the mirror for self-adoration or for self-affirmation. A mirror is also associated with looking into the future; visualizing who you could be and what you can achieve.  It’s clear that the visualized future looks great. NICO is there to help you achieve that future by offering financial and business solutions that will take you there.   

NICO Corporate Affairs Manager, Mbumba Mlia-Ndasauka, said It’s clear that NICO has for over 50 years proven its reliability as a trusted financial provider and continues to provide innovative solutions that will change customers’ lives.

“The campaign is to show our customers that NICO will always be that partner that will help you clearly see the potential you have to achieve your goals. NICO provides the solutions to take you through this journey and will continue to clean your mirror to clearly show you who and what you can become,” Phiri said

She added that the It’s clear campaign will bring the NICO brand closer to the people as it works on the insights and understanding NICO has of its customers and the market.

The It’s clearcampaign will be rolled out across all 9 subsidiaries of the NICO Group and will align product advertising to the campaign throughout the year.

NICO Group remains committed to being a trusted financial solutions provider in Malawi. It provides solutions in general insurance, life insurance, pension services, asset management, corporate finance advisory, banking, information technology and property management and development solutions.

It’s clear that NICO has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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