Written on January 20, 2023

NICO Group have donated various medical items worth K20 million to six hospital facilities to help fight the Cholera Outbreak.

This is in response to Government calls for assistance with the outbreak as it has hit the country.

 NICO Life Insurance Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Eric Chapola said the donation is a response to the cholera outbreak, which is claiming the lives of people and has put the country at a risk

“At NICO Group, and mainly NICO Life, we believe that we cannot do without people and we always need our clients to be healthy. We believe that these items will bring a significant change in mitigating the outbreak.”

In his vote of thanks, clinical officer for Ndirande Health Centre, Leviticus Daniel applauded NICO Group for the support, which he said has come at the right time when the facility is registering high number of cholera cases.

He said the Centre is facing many challenges due to inadequate equipment used when treating cholera patients and lack of enough health workers.

“The coming in of NICO Group with these items is a commendable support and will really help us to defeat cholera,” he said.

Some of the donated items include ringers’ lactate, liquid soap, cannulas, washing powder, blankets, basins, gumboots, gloves, 10 & 50-litre buckets, and oral rehydration salts (ORS).

NICO Group made the donation in partnership with World Vision Malawi.

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