Written on December 19, 2022
ICON Properties commits to provide a Police Unit accommodation at Chichiri Shopping Centre

In an effort to tighten security around Chichiri Shopping Centre and the surrounding area, ICON Properties Plc has committed to provide office facilities which the Police can use as a police unit.

The space to accommodate the police unit is under construction at Chichiri Shopping Centre towards the underground carpark entrance. The coming in of a police unit at this location will not only tighten security of the shoppers at the mall but will extend to provide security outside the mall to all surrounding areas including road users.

The Chief Executive Officer of ICON Properties and Eris Properties, Mrs Ellen Chapinduka Nyasulu explained during the Christmas Tree Lighting and Carols ceremony at Chichiri Mall, that the Regional Commissioner of Police (S) was looking for space to open a police unit within Chichiri Area. With ICON Properties plc being a business that is into providing accommodation solutions, it was only proper for it to consider this social accommodation need which would at the end of the day provide symbiotic benefits to both the patrons of the mall as well as the surrounding areas from a security perspective.

“As ICON Properties (the owners of the premise) and Eris Properties (the managers of ICON Properties) we are committed to ensuring that there is enough security for our tenants and the shoppers. We noted that our law enforcers noted the security challenge which was being faced around Chichiri area and wanted to step up their presence therein however what they lacked was accommodation. That’s when we came up with this initiative to have a police unit within the premise to allow the law enforcers provide security at a large scale”, said Nyasulu.

“We want to ensure that Chichiri area including the shoppers at the mall, the sporting fraternity for the stadium etc. have a great and secure experience. Beyond providing security at the malls, we believe it is our responsibility as corporate citizen to hold hands with government efforts for a safe Malawi for all,” she added.

ICON Properties and Eris Properties held a Christmas Tree Lighting and Carols Ceremony at Chichiri Mall on Saturday 17 December to commemorate the Festive Season with its shoppers, tenants and the community. The colorful event saw the lighting of a gigantic Christmas tree, performances from

various artists and fun for kids and adults. As part of its social responsibility, ICON Properties and Eris Properties further donated K500,000 to Enriching Lives Organisation which feeds orphans, elderly people, and people with various impairment.

Another set of Christmas Carols will be held in Lilongwe at Lilongwe City Mall, another of ICON Properties Mall, on 23rd December 2022.

ICON Properties recently wrote to its tenants of the introduction of Parking Management System as an approach to provide an innovative solution to the parking problems the shopping malls are facing. At the beginning of the year, ICON Properties introduced a new addition to its Chichiri Mall infrastructure through KFC drive -through, which is the first restaurant to offer this service in Blantyre.

Apart from Chichiri Mall, and Lilongwe City Mall, ICON Properties owns several other magnificent buildings in the main cities.

The police unit is expected to be handed over to Police authorities at the beginning of next year.

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