Written on February 19, 2022
Financial conversation and chocolate


Whether it is for the sweetness, sourness or bitterness, chocolate lovers have different reasons and occasions to have or to gift it. That can also be said about financial services which border on investment, savings and buying power. This season of love, NICO Group has perfect financial solutions for you and your loved ones.

It is said that growing the cacao tree, which produces the main ingredient for chocolate (cocoa beans) is no easy feat. It takes at least 7 years for it to fully develop. It is not easy to cultivate the cacao tree outside its natural environment and if it does not get enough light and humidity, it might never produce seed pods. This is the sort of care one needs to practice to develop any financially stable relationship – give it the right environment, and your love investment will bloom.


When the answer to the big question is yes, you and your fiancée can officially start planning how big that special day will be. The success for this day is a combination of proper Investment Management from NICO Asset Managers or opening a Joint Account with NBS Bank, giving you a chance to save together.


The beginning of a family comes with great responsibly. It is important that you and your partner explore options that secure your family’s financial future. NICO Group has various options for you to secure that future whilst maintaining a steady flow of income during that time. 

NICO Life has a Cash Plus Policy that will allow you to grow your savings which are made in the form of monthly premium payments and upon maturity, a tax free lumpsum will be paid to you.

Just as the cacao tree provides a safe environment for its seedlings to grow, so should you for your children. It is important that you provide your children with the best education. Our Child Saver Policy provides you with a solution to start saving for your children.

Caring for your family also means preparing for eventualities. NICO Life’s Tilinanu Funeral Plan pays up to K1 million in the unfortunate case of the demise of your registered family member, immediate or extended, giving you flexibility in planning of a funeral to give them a dignified farewell.


It is imperative for any household owner to protect their home and family assets. Your car, house, gadgets such as laptops and phones and household items can all be fully covered by solutions provided by NICO General under HomeSure.

You can also insure your businesses and goods in transit through various NICO General insurance plans.


As a couple looking forward to growing together and building a family, you may be thinking of putting up a house for your family or simply building a house to rent out as an income source. Where you build it and how you build it could be a stressful decision.  Eris Properties has several solutions to guide you through your building journey, Property Development, Property Management and Property Valuation.


As the cacao tree ages, special care is needed to prolong its life to still produce the precious cocoa beans. The same should be applied to your life.  Life should not stop after you retire. An enjoyable retirement is possible for everyone, whether employed or running a business. With proper financial and investment plan starting at a younger age you can live comfortably for the rest of your life.   Contact NICO Pension to plan your future.

Call 323 for more on NICO’s solutions.

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