Written on August 28, 2023
NICO Group Promotes Discipline and Encourages Youth Participation in Golf

NICO Group organized the highly anticipated ONE NICO Golf Invitational tournament, held at the Nchalo Golf Club on 19th August 2023. Local renowned golfers, Roza Mbilizi and Vincent Mphande, took part and reiterated the importance of discipline in the game of golf.

Mbilizi emerged as the winner in the women’s category, amassing an impressive 37 points, while Mphande claimed victory in the men’s category with an outstanding 38 points. Speaking about the event, Mbilizi expressed her delight at winning and emphasized the need to encourage young people to take up the sport.

Mbilizi said, “The future of golf in our country lies with the young generation, so it is our responsibility as senior golfers to inspire and motivate them to be interested in golf. There are ample opportunities for youths to join the sport, and it’s essential that we support and encourage them. Golf teaches discipline, etiquette, and provides a platform for building relationships.”

On his part, Vincent Chimbelenga extended his gratitude to NICO Group for organizing the tournament and spoke about the value of patience and networking in the game. As a loyal customer who does business with NBS Bank, NICO Life, and NICO General, he expressed his motivation and appreciation for the event.

The Managing Director of NICO Group, Vizenge Kumwenda, highlighted the purpose of the tournament, which was to foster interaction between the Group and its customers. “As a group we strive to ensure that we create relevant and meaningful platforms to engage with our key clients. Having enjoyed considerable success as a Group over the past year, it is crucial that we celebrate those who have been instrumental in our achievements. These achievements further reinforce NICO Group’s position as a leading financial services provider in the region.”

Additionally, NICO Group donated K500,000 to the Nchalo Golf Club for the maintenance of their golf course. The captain of Nchalo Golf Club, John Mphande, expressed his gratitude for the timely donation.

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