Written on July 19, 2023
NICO Group invests K105m in LUANAR girls’ hostel refurbishment project

NICO Group, through NBS Bank and NICO Asset Managers, has refurbished the Mkungudza Girls Hostel at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR).

The project was embarked on with the aim of upgrading students’ accommodation as a way of improving education standards in the country.

The renovated and refurbished girls’ hostel, which was earlier in dilapidated condition, now wears a new look with all the required amenities like good lighting and plumbing system and also fresh showers and modern toilets.

NICO Group Managing Director, Vizenge Kumwenda, said the Group believes that students need to learn, study and sleep in a conducive environment.

” Education is the foundation that people base their dreams and aspirations. A conducive environment for learning contributes to a better education and that is why we are here today. The refurbishment of this hostel is a result of the strategy session we had in May 2022 as we made a commitment to strengthen the relationship between LUANAR and NICO Group. We have also ensured the highest standards, with modern amenities,” he said.

He urged the students and other college management to protect and maintain the building infrastructure with a sense of ownership.

NICO Group also installed two 5000-liter water reservoirs to ensure uninterrupted water supply.

LUANAR Chairman of Council, Professor Zachary Kasomera, commended NICO Group for its unwavering support towards improving the education sector in Malawi.

“We are grateful for the tremendous efforts to make sure that LUANAR is a world-class recognized university. This hostel, like most others here, was built 40 years ago and was dilapidated. Such initiatives also encourage social values among the society to take up and give back to society,” he said.

LUANAR Vice Chancellor, Emmanuel Kaunda, said accommodation is one of the biggest concerns for student and their families, and that the renovation was timely.

“It is with Immense gratitude and a sense of pride that we are receiving this renovated and refurbished girls’ hostel. Mkunguza Hostel holds a special place of significance in the history of our institution. By refurbishing this hostel, NICO Group has managed to create a stable foundation upon which the girl child may build her career.  This hostel now offers a modern, safe, and comfortable residence for students,” he said.

ERIS Properties, a member of the NICO Group, provided technical support to the renovations of the hostel.

The Group remains committed to contributing to initiatives that develop Malawi.

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