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Reaching out to flood victims

Kumwenda (left) handing over the 5 million cheque to His Worship Ndipo

Due to the recent floods in some parts of the Southern Malawi, NICO has reached out to assist the flood victims with food stuff. As a concerned and responsible corporate entity, NICO believes in making a positive difference to the community, not just in its business offering of financial products but also in situations like these.

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A Medical registrar was sponsored to proceed with his medical training to enhance his service capability to the children of Mercy James Paediatric Centre for Surgery. NICO sponsored 5million Kwacha towards the registrar’s training. It all started with the institution inviting NICO for a tour of the hospital to appreciate the facilities that it has.

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NICO Holdings has achieved a new milestone in the listing of ICON Properties Plc on 21 January 2019. The listing of ICON comes after ten years of drought on the Malawi capital market. NICO has once again shown its muscle as a leader in financial services, having been the first company to list on the Malawi Stock Exchange in 1996.  NICO companies now make up 29% percent of the entities listed on the MSE which include NICO Holdings, NBS Bank, Blantyre Hotels and the newly listed ICON Properties.

Director of ICON Properties and Group Managing Director of NICO, Mr Vizenge Kumwenda (right) cuts the ribbon assisted by the Chairman of Malawi Stock Exchange, Dr Winston Masanja

ICON Properties was born as a result of the restructuring of property companies in the NICO Group portfolio as well as through a collaborative process with other investors in Malawi who had investments in properties.

The company was formed with the objective of owning, leasing, managing and developing commercial, industrial and retail properties. Icon’s properties are located in major economic centers in Malawi and include landmark shopping malls, prime office buildings and key industrial sites. These properties have tenants comprising market leaders in banking and finance, international development institutions, United Nations organisations, local blue-chip companies and high-end food and fashion retailers. The Company’s mission is to be at the forefront of successful, quality property investments and developments in Malawi and to provide maximum returns for all stakeholders.

This listing milestone means many things to the Malawian capital market, and possibly the entire economy of Malawi and NICO is proud to be at the heart of it all.

NICO’s interests go beyond changing the landscape of the country and the capital market. It richly touches and improves the individual life of Malawians by providing a range of financial services solutions through its life insurance, general insurance, banking, asset management, pension administration and property development and management portfolio. This focus on identifying opportunities that will positively impact growth of the Malawian economy and improve the quality of life for Malawians from all walks of life, will continue to underpin NICO’s growth and investment strategies in the future.


Ringing of Bell to symbolize listing

Special Public Announcement update

Public Announcement

Further to the earlier announcement, NICO would like to inform all stakeholders that there was a fire incident at NICO General, NICO Life and
NICO Pensions Offices at NICO House corner of Stewart Street and Haile Selassie Avenue in Blantyre on 5th October, 2018. We confirm that
there were no injuries.

A Disaster recovery and business connuity plan is in moon and we assure our clients of continued service.

Office operations for NICO General, NICO Life and NICO Pensions have been relocated to Umoyo House, fourth floor, Victoria Avenue.

NICO would like to extend special appreciation to members of staff, clients, the Blantyre City Council Fire Brigade, the Malawi Police Service and the general public for the assistance and moral support.

NICO has engaged International fire forensic experts to investigate and establish the cause of the fire.

For further information on the business please contact the following numbers:

NICO Extension

 01 822 699

NICO General

 0999 899 385/0888 317 890


 0999 863 970/0888 208 247

NICO Pensions

 0999 516 440/0999 561 480

Further updates will be provided as necessary.

NICO regrets any inconveniences this may cause.


 NICO Holdings Public Limited Liability Company (plc) ikudziwitsa makasitomala awo onse ndi anthu onse okhudzidwa, ku ku malo awo ogwilira ntchito za NICO General, NICO Life ndi NICO Pension, a ku Blantyre mu NICO House, nseu wa Stewart Street ndi Haile Selassie kunachika ngozi ya moto pa 5th October, 2018.

Onse ogwira ntchito anathandizidwa mwachangu panthawi ya ngoziyi ndipo palibe yemwe anavulala.

Ndondomeko yobwenzeretsa ku ntchito zonse zipililire yakhazikitsidwa, ndipo dongosolo lonse la  a makasitomala  lasamalidwa.

Ntchito zonse za makampaniwa tsopano zili ku Umoyo House, 4th floor, Victoria Avenue .

NICO ikuthokoza a Blantyre City Council Fire kudzera ku ofesi yowona zangozi ya moto, a Malawi Police Services ndi anthu onse kamba ka thandizo lawo pa nthawi ya ngoziyi.

A NICO adakachita kafukufuku ku adziwe chomwe chinayambitsa motowu.

Makasitomala atha kuyimba manambala otsalawa pofuna kudziwa zina za ma buzinesiwa.

NICO Extension

 01 822 699

NICO General

 0999 899 385/0888 317 890


 0999 863 970/0888 208 247

NICO Pensions

 0999 516 440/0999 561 480

A NICO akhala akupeleka Ndondomeko yotsara pa ngoziyi. A NICO akupepesa kamba ka mavuto omwe makasitomala awo angakumane nawo kudzela ku vutoli.


9 October 2018

Special Public Announcement


This is to inform all stakeholders that there has been a fire at NICO General, NICO Life and NICO Pensions offices at NICO House, corner of Stewart Street and Haile Salassie Avenue in Blantyre today,5th October, 2018.

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