Written on June 20, 2022
Eris, Icon Properties commit to improving Malawi’s cities’ landscape

NICO Group, through its companies Eris Properties MW and ICON Properties Plc, has officially opened a new drive-through KFC branch at the Chichiri Shopping Mall in Blantyre. Chichiri Shopping Mall is owned by Icon Properties Plc and managed by Eris Properties MW.

The new KFC branch gives shoppers a new fast-food option with a drive-through facility at the mall. This is the first drive–through in Blantyre City.

The Guest of Honor at the event, Blantyre City Deputy Mayor, Councillor Balaba Kanojerera, commended NICO for its commitment to improving the landscape of the city. He also commended KFC Management and their umbrella company, Afribrand, for stepping up to manage the drive-through facility.

“Last year, the company renovated NICO House and Kapeni House in the Central Business District. Today we are here to unveil this KFC DriveThrough at their mall. I would therefore like to commend NICO Group through Eris Properties MW and ICON Properties Plc for its undeniable commitment to changing the city’s landscape and improving the shoppers’ experience at this mall,” Councilor Kanojerera said.

He further commended KFC and Afribrand for their role in the development.

“I would also like to commend KFC and Afribrand Directors for bringing this drive-through experience here,” he added.

Eris Properties MW and ICON Properties Plc Chief Executive Officer, Ellen Chapinduka-Nyasulu, reiterated Deputy Mayor Kanojerera’s sentiments that both companies are committed to improving the landscape of Malawian cities.

“We exist to build better cities. This new branch not only gives shoppers a new restaurant option, but also strengthens the trust we have with international brands when it comes to solid property structures”, Chapinduka-Nyasulu said.

She further said that the drive-through option has been introduced to bring convenience to customers.

“We aim to make our shoppers’ experience enjoyable with every move we make. This drive-through means the customers won’t even have to leave their cars”, she added.

KFC Principal Operator and Director, Hamza Tayub, promised efficiency and speed at the new branch.

“This is the third KFC branch in Malawi, so we have experience.” With this drive through, we promise to maintain the entire process – from ordering to meal collection – to 2 minutes 30 seconds,” Tayub said.

The new branch has been built in 9 months with assistance from various stakeholders.

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